Sheet Transformer Kiosks manufactured by our company serve all over the world.
Thanks to its compact structure, it can be easily transported and mobilized with its small dimensions and light weight. 4 of the Sheet Metal Transformer Kiosks up to 1OOOOkVA can be transported as fully assembled in 1 truck.
Sheet Transformer Kiosks consist of 3 main sections. Medium Voltage RMU is used in the MV (Input) section. RMU brand is selected according to customer demand. In the middle section, there is a Transformer (Transformer), whose brand and features are determined according to customer needs. In the LV (Output) section, an electrical panel manufactured by Panel Elektrik and designed according to customer needs is used.

Transformer Substations are delivered to the customer with all internal equipment installed, interconnections made and tested according to international standards.

A thin concrete base is sufficient to place the transformer kiosks. It is sufficient to make the connections of the cable coming from the medium voltage line to the RMU in the MV (Input) section of the transformer kiosk placed on the concrete base and to connect the cables to be drawn according to the output needs to the electrical panel in the LV (Output) section.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for your questions and problems regarding the commissioning and operation of the kiosk.