Kiosks in General:

It consists of high voltage switching units section, high voltage distribution transformer section and low voltage distribution panel section. Each section has its own independent access doors and ventilation shutters.

Advantages of the System:

There is no need for foundation on all types of floors.
It is suitable for the smallest bending radius of 36 kV single core 240 mm2 cable.

Maximum operator safety in internal arc formation
Compact and aesthetic structure Easy to carry
Wide solution possibilities in projects
High quality with tests carried out in the factory environment

The concrete quality used in the production of NLB Series Monoblock Concrete Kiosk is C35 according to TS 500 standards. Exterior surfaces are painted with silicone-based, grainy exterior paint in the color coded Ral 5800 as standard. Different color options are also offered in terms of harmony according to the needs and layouts of the user.
In the cable gallery section at the bottom of the monoblock kiosk, it provides cable entry and exit in the desired direction and amount into the center through the weakened cable entry holes.