NLB series monoblock concrete kiosks, produced from BS – 35 concrete according to TEDAŞ – MYD/2000-36.A specification, are products designed for use in secondary distribution systems up to 36 kV for modular cubicles and other medium voltage switchgear and distribution products in open areas.
Monoblock concrete kiosks, which we have started to produce since the beginning of 2014;

  • Economic
  • Reliable
  • Seamless
  • Aesthetics
  • It has a structure that will provide fast assembly and ease of commissioning.

KİOSKS in General:

It consists of high voltage switching units section, high voltage distribution transformer section and low voltage distribution panel section. Each section has its own independent access doors and ventilation shutters.

The Advantages of the System:

There is no need for foundation on all types of floors.
It is suitable for the smallest bending radius of 36 kV single core 240 mm2 cable.

  • Maximum operator safety in case of internal arcing
  • Compact and aesthetic structure Ease of transport
  • Wide solution possibilities in projects
  • High quality with tests carried out in the factory environment

The concrete quality used in the production of NLB Series Monoblock Concrete Kiosk is C35 according to TS 500 standards. Exterior surfaces are painted with silicone-based, grainy exterior paint in the color coded Ral 5800 as standard. Different color options are also offered in terms of harmony according to the needs and layouts of the user.
In the cable gallery section at the bottom of the monoblock kiosk, it provides cable entry and exit in the desired direction and amount into the center through the weakened cable entry holes.

The design and manufacture of the monoblock concrete kiosk is carried out with the calculations of compressive strength and ground shaking, taking into account the most difficult operating conditions. Dimensions of all sections; The necessary safety distances are determined according to the recommendations and relevant specifications of the LV switchgear and transformer manufacturers.

There is a 220V lighting system in the sections as standard.

It is provided in accordance with IEC 60529 against access and contact in the energized parts of the centers, and against touching, dust and water in the moving parts. The concrete kiosk is waterproof and the ventilation panels are produced in accordance with the IP 23 protection degree.

There are lifting pins on four corners of the body for safe transportation. The parts under the ground are covered with black insulation material. It is mounted on the floor prepared in accordance with the given foundation detail. Aluminum expanded sheet metal cage for filter purposes on the doors of the ventilation panels section is produced as resistant to impacts that may come from inside and outside.

We have doors in different sizes to be used in special projects.

The modular cells, partitions, doors, ventilation panels, mounting bases and all metal parts in the Concrete Kiosk are connected to the potential equalization bar. The connection of the grounding busbar to the external grounding system is made on-site by the user.

In NLB Type Compact centers, the cable gallery is suitable for the smallest bending radius of 1×240 mm2 XLPE cable at 36 kV voltage level.

Business Type: External – internally operated type

Tests: After the routine tests specified in the relevant standards and specifications of the kiosks,
then shipped. There are type tests carried out in accredited laboratories that show the resistance of kiosks against internal arc faults that may occur.

Protection Class: Live and moving parts are in IP35 protection class according to IEC 529 against dust and water.

NLB B250 2,500 2,500 3,500 6.250 ~10,000
NLB B310 3,100 2,500 3,500 7,750 ~13,000
NLB B430 4,300 2,500 3,500 10,750 ~16,000
NLB B525 5,250 2,500 3,500 13.125 ~18,000
NLB B645 6,450 2,500 3,500 16.125 ~19,000
NLB B730 7,300 2,500 3,500 18,250 ~22.000

Rated Voltage 12-36kV
Type NLB
Maximum Licorice Power (kVA) 1600
Enclosure Class (According to IEC s2271 – 202) 10 K
Internal Arc Strength (According to Reach A and Reach B) 16kA – 1 sec
Applied Standard IEC 62271 – 202
Protection Class iP 23 D

The maximum rated power determines the power of the highest power distribution transformer to be used in the compact center, taking into account the enclosure class.

  • Cranes should be selected according to the weight of concrete kiosks and cranes with a capacity of at least twice the weight of the kiosk should be used.
  • Don’t forget about the crane’s mobility and carrying tare, the longer the crane arm.
  • After placing the lifting eyebolts (pins) placed inside the kiosk in the eyebolt holes on the four sides of the kiosk, connect them with the crane’s ropes (chains).
  • Put the mansion on the pedestal in the prepared foundation pit without shaking it.
  • The roofs of the kiosks are detachable, you can remove the roof by using the roof lugs.
  • Check the lowering, lift and usage instructions in the kiosk.


NLB B250 2500×2500 3500×3500 3000×3000
NLB B310 2500×3100 3500×4100 3000×3600
NLB B430 2500×4300 3500×5300 3000×4800
NLB B525 2500×5250 3500×6250 3000×5750
NLB B645 2500×6450 3500×7450 3000×6950
NLB B730 2500×7300 3500×8300 3000×7900

NL8 Series substations are indoor operated substations for medium voltage networks. It has a monoblock structure that can accommodate various MV Electricity distribution configurations and 2 36 kV 800 kVA transformers and panels.
8S35 concrete is used in the body part of the transformer centers, which are manufactured as monoblock in accordance with TEDAŞ MYD-2006-053 specification, and 8S40 concrete is used on the roof. In addition, the watertightness of the kiosks was meticulously ensured and the necessary impermeability tests were carried out.
It is designed to be installed in parks and gardens, squares and road medians, even though it can be installed on the field.

  • Reinforced concrete monoblock body with independent cover, ventilation system and inlets Completely gas-insulated MV switching devices MV/LV transformers: 1 unit up to 36 kV 1000 kVP!. 2 units up to 36 kV 800 kVA
  • Low voltage panel
  • MV and LV direct cable connections
  • Ground circuit
  • Lighting and auxiliary services
  • Perfect environmental compatibility
  • Monoblock design
  • Waterproof
  • Problem-free operation in all environmental conditions
  • Strength at high humidity
  • Low operating cost
  • Using equipment that requires little or no maintenance
  • Use of materials conforming to standardization
  • Quick project engineering
  • Mass production and short delivery times
  • Alternative options
  • Turnkey solutions


With 1 transformer up to 1000 kVA
1 Input -1 Output -1 MV Switchgears with Transformer Protection Function
1 Low voltage panel


2 transformers up to 800 kVA
1 Input -1 Output – 2 MV Switchgears with Transformer Protection Function
2 Low voltage panels

From the beginning of 2003, when the production of HMH Series Air-insulated Switchgears began, the number of quality-approved switchgears offered to the market has reached 64,000. Due to the impossibility of presenting all our references in the catalogue, you can find some of our important references on the next page.

NLB B730

NLB B645

NLB B525

NLB B430

NLB B310

NLB B250